Quotable Jon Stewart

Chris Matthews  (October 2nd)
Jon's interview of the host of "Hardball" on MSNBC and "The Chris Matthews Show" on NBC has already become a classic  for the show. Matthews, who comfortably dwells in the self-centered world  which is the source of inspiration for "The  Colbert Report" was expecting what normaly happens on an interview aimed to promote a book. A lot of praising but no word on the content or meaning of the book. Jon confronted Matthews on the superficial and ultimately dangerous  premises of the book: forget about the morality of the means, just concentrate on the ends. Get what you want from people, no matter how you do it. Matthews response to the issue of moral decisions: "This is a book interview from hell! This is the worst interview I had in my life! You are the worst!"

Some highlights:
-Matthews: "You are trashing my book!"
-Jon: "I'm not trashing your book, I'm trashing your philosophy of life"

-Jon:"There is nothing is this book about be good, be competent"
-Matthews:"It's called the Bible , it's been written"
-Jon: "This book it's been written too, it's called The Prince (by Machiavelli)"
-Matthews: "No, this is better"

-Jon: "It seems when you read the book that you said to do what you think will win, not what you think is right"
-Matthews: "Well, it's both"
-Jon: "This seems to emphasize the former"
-Matthews:"it does!" (laughter)

-Mathhews: "You are afraid of this book. This book scares you!"
- Jon: "There is something in there that I fear, like Facism".


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